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Omnidesk Pro 2020 Wildwood Collection Electric Standing Desk

Our flagship fully height adjustable desk allows any user to achieve their ideal position, be it sitting or standing.

Brought to you by the team that created AFTERSHOCK PC, the OMNIDESK PRO is a fully modular and upgradeable electric desk platform that will open doors to infinite possibilities with your setup. With choices of accessories, size, shape and finishes, create a setup that is truly yours and transform the way you work or play.

Customize your OMNIDESK PRO today to suit your exact needs. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 196 reviews
Amy O'Callaghan
Great desk

Very happy with my purchase!

Roy de Bruin
My wife’s desk

I have now bought two of these one first for my wife and after seeing how much she love it I bought one. We love these desks

Roy de Bruin
My Omnidesk

I am absolutely in love with the desk … I wasn’t so sure of using the standing position but I’m now at about 50/50 sitting then standing … I love it

Jack Moleta
Make sure you check the dimensions of your PC before buying the mount 😅

Great desk! Works well and looks good. I didn't measure my desktop properly so it didn't fit in the mount. However, I've turned it on its front and it seems to be fine 😅. Cable tray is a great add on and makes everything look clean.

Edison Lim
Omnidesk Pro 2020 Wildwood Collection Electric Standing Desk XL - Richbrown Hevea

Amazing desk! solid wood. that's the colour i want. The actual wood colour are much better than the photos shown on the website. the XL size is perfect for me. i also purchased the cable management bar with no regret. to me the cable management bar is essential and the whole desk looks a lot tidy with it.

I also received extended warranty 7 years + 3 years (FREE) by providing my honest feedback review and pictures of the desk i have purchased. i would recommend this product to my friends for sure.

Andrea Skoumbris
Omnidesk Pro 2020 Wildwood Collection - Acacia Light

Amazing desk! Very happy with how it turned out once assembled and the colour of the tabletop.

The cable management bar is a must and will definitely prove useful for most people.
Would have loved to see some form of cable management running down the back of the desk legs for powerboards that are mounted underneath.

Missing one star because my tabletop came with 2 fairly noticeable what looked like white paint marks on the front edge of the table. They ruined the wood aesthetic when looking at the desk so I attempted to scratch them off which in turn removed the coating of the wood. Fairly disappointed as I'm worried the now damaged coating may continue to spread and come off from those places. I would have assumed closer inspection via the people involved or warehouse staff prior to being sent out for this price point.

But overall still very happy with the desk and hope it lasts a long time! If you're hesitating, I do recommend it.

Chat staff were also very kind the few times I spoke to them prior to making my purchase!

Cam J.
Excellent desk, would love more options for size and cable management

I'm very happy with my new desk. The desktop is gorgeous, and the structure is very stable, no wobble issues.

There are a few things keeping me from making it a 5 star review:

1. I wish they had options for slightly deeper tabletops. My previous (non-standing) desk was 900mm deep, but these only go up to 750mm. Sometimes I feel like I'm a little too close to my monitors. It's not a huge problem, but it's borderline.

2. The surface does scratch veeeeery easily. You have to be very careful with what you put on it, and you probably want to get some sort of protective mat, which then takes away from how nice the finish looks.

3. I purchased the cable management tray and it works well, though it's just a plain metal tray that screws in. That still leaves you with an ugly extension cord hanging down from the underside of the desk to the powerpoint. Some other standing desk brands have an option with a power board built-in to the actual desk itself. So you plug the desk in at its base, and there is internal cabling running up the legs to a powerboard on the underside, leaving all cabling hidden. It would be great for omnidesk to add this feature or other more advanced cable management options.

I also had a bit of a saga with some faulty parts so it took a few weeks of back and forth figuring out exactly what was wrong, and eventually getting the legs replaced. So that was annoying, but to their credit, the warranty people were very friendly and helpful.

Overall a great purchase, and I'm a happy customer, but there is still some room for improvement!