If you have made it this far, great! You will receive your Omnidesk in no time, delivered direct to you in a Flat Pack to unpackage and set up.

Your shipping cost will be calculated when you input your address on purchasing your Omnidesk and added to your final price.

We do not offer in store pick ups as we do not keep stock at our show rooms.

Assembly Service

Assembly is booked through a third party service once all your items are confirmed delivered. You will receive an email with the information you need to book your set up.

The Pre-assembly service provided by Omnidesk only covers assembly of the table, and accessories purchased from us.

Assembly does not include rubbish disposal or cable management.

Inspecting Shipment for Damage

So to protect and save yourself from a logistical merry-go-round, DO NOT SIGN for a package before you inspect it.
  1. First, inspect the box/packaging for obvious damage.
  2. We then recommend that you insist on opening up the packaging to inspect for concealed damage.
  3. Make sure all your items purchased including cables, accessories and User Manuals are all included.
  4. Once the driver leaves with the signed delivery order, it becomes the buyer’s responsibility should any physical damage be found or missing accessories occur thereafter.

Flat Pack Delivery

Flat Pack Delivery service is currently 'To the Front Door'. Transport of boxes is not guaranteed from the courier van into the set up location and will need to be carried out by the customer.

Self Assembly

PC Mount Installation

Self Assembly Video

Understand what the Omnidesk Hype is all about