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Powder Coated Wood Tops


Our signature table tops are made from the highest grade MDF wood and cured with our specially formulated powder coated surface. What separates us from the rest of the pack in terms for furnishing is this micro-textured powder coat surface made for mouse tracking, enabling the desk to function as a giant mouse-pad.

We have also engineered the perfect ergonomic curve for the best standing desk experience. With a perfectly angled curve, standing and leaning with forearms on the edge of the desk no longer causes pinched nerves in the long run.  

Best of all, the entire production process is stringently monitored and tested to ensure that the product is eco-friendly.

 ‣ Omnidesk Signature Ergonomic Curve
Experience utmost comfort in long hours of usage with our OMNIDESK PRO's ergonomic curve, providing a natural and comfortable location to rest your arms during usage. 

Zero Formaldehyde

Our table top does not contain any formaldehyde resins, so does the powder coat process. Hence ensuring that the product delivered does not emit harmful gases into your household or offices. 

Zero VOC

Using the newest coating technology, low cure powder coating has zero-volatile organic compound (VOC). No more short- and long-term adverse health effects. 


The eco-friendly materials ensure that our tables are non-toxic. Making sure that users, young or old are exposed to nothing but natural ingredients.


Clean and green manufacturing produces an odour-free product. No more "new" furniture smells that causes health issues in the long term.

Quality High-Pressure Laminate Wood Tops


Away from the dreariness of contemporary furniture, the Omnidesk Wildwood collection seeks to bring an air of rustic sophistication with a curated list of premium solid wood table tops. Elevate your workspace and add a touch of class to your workspace with our Wildwood collection.

Quality High-Pressure Laminate Wood Tops
Quality High-Pressure Laminate Wood Tops


Aesthetically impressive and environmentally friendly. Match parquet and vinyl flooring in homes and offices.
Safe. Bamboo is an organic product, entirely clean and no residues of chemicals. Green choice.
Sustainable. Bamboo is more scratch-resistant than hardwoods, keeping its colour and brightness for many years.

No harsh agents and chemicals are used in the finishing our the Eco Bamboo tops, protecting not only your desk but your indoor air quality.
Choose Omnidesk™ Eco Bamboo table tops and support a sustainable existence that means taking care of your body and the environment as well.


The OMNIDESK PRO 2020 comes packed with accessories and options, including monitor arms, cable management tools, PC holders and even speaker mount capabilities! Upgrade your OMNIDESK PRO as our team creates more unique tools to personalise your desk.

Omnidesk Ecosystem - Customisation and Accessories

Omnidesk has a full range of high quality addons and accessories, forming an entire ecosystem. These accessories are specially designed and manufactured or curated from the best sources, making integration with your Omnidesk as seamless as possible and also aesthetically pleasing.

Here are some of our popular add-on accessories:
• Cable management bar
• Power bars and clamps
• Single or Dual Monitor Arms
• PC Mount & Roller
• Mats (Mouse Mat & Anti fatigue mat)
• Monitor Risers


▶ All These Comes With The Following Too: 

 ‣ Table top designed to last - OmniAnchors Desktop Inserts
OmniAnchors Desktop Inserts are design and place with precision engineering onto our desktops, WildWood, Bamboo and also our signature powder coated tops to ensure maximum durability. These machined threads allow accurate placement of your table tops to the frame and also allows you to assemble and disassemble your Omnidesk as often as you like. This will allow your table top to last you a lifetime.

 ‣ Omnidesk signature Extra Large Cable Pass-Through Grommet
Extra Large Cable Pass-Through Grommet is a seamless cable management system found only on Omnidesks. Aesthetically pleasing itself when not in use but allowing multiple cables to pass through easily when required. Not only that, universally size monitor arms can fit the grommet together with cables.

Paired with the Omnidesk Cable Management Bar and Mounted Power Bar, this completes the full setup required for a neat under-desk cable management system. Look-ma-no-messy-cables that everyone desires of a premium workspace.

*The kind of table tops to avoid are the laminated ones as they peel and warp easily as many companies use cheap MFC or particle boards, that's what they do to bring down their cost.

 ‣ Omnidesk Signature Ergonomic Curve
Experience utmost comfort in long hours of usage with our OMNIDESK PRO's ergonomic curve, providing a natural and comfortable location to rest your arms during usage. 


Worry-free with an industry leading warranty period. Our desks are made with state of the art manufacturing processes and rigorous testing is done to ensure quality and durability. What's important, with our reputation as the #1 standing desk brand in Singapore, you can be sure that we will be there for you when you seek warranty help. Of course, you'll also get to experience the award-winning customer experience that we are renowned for.

All Electric Desks comes with a standard 3-year warranty. Want further coverage? We give you the option to extend the warranty for up to 5-years.
*Receive a complimentary 2 year warranty on top of the extended 5 years. Top-up for a longer and more comprehensive warranty and cover up to 7 years in total.



Since our launch, we have sent out a significant number of tables to happy customers, from regular users, corporate offices and also various notable figures. We are always looking to feature your desk setups. Just tag us #omnidesk and you may find your personal setups being feature on our site!



With ready stocks in our 20000 square feet worth of warehouses, we bring you your desk in the shortest possible time. And if you DIY it yourself, this delivery is absolutely FREE! 

(Image: Left: Omnidesk Stocks. Right: Omnidesk Delivery Team)

▶ white-glove professional assembly service

Goodbye ridiculous inflated assembly costs! If you'd like to have a professional set things up, you'd just be paying for their time and transport nothing more. Our delivery team is certified, and cares for your desk like it is theirs! And yes, their record time to get a desk assembled, 10 minutes flat.

why choose omnidesk?

Ergonomic Design

Designed with ergonomics in mind and suitable for long hours of comfortable usage. We ensure precise engineering from the iconic curved table tops up to even the built of the adjustable feets at the bottom of each Omnidesk.

Quality Materials

Only the most carefully selected materials are chosen to be coated with our patented finish on our signature tops. Metal alloys with the highest possible tensile strength are used to form the structure of the Omnidesk.

Service Excellence 

Every Omnidesk is covered by our extensive LOCAL aftersales warranty package. We pride ourselves to provide the best Customer Service Experience with every Omnidesk purchased. From presales to aftersales servicing, you are well covered.

FREE Flat Pack Delivery + Quality Installers

To reduce the costs of ergonomic desks that we are offering, we have established a strong team of last mile logistics team that offers FREE flat pack delivery for our customers. Not only that, but our team is also specialised in setting up the tables at the comfort of your homes at a minimal cost.