Stage Lite Laptop Stand

Elevate your laptop or tablet for improved ergonomics, while ensuring excellent airflow thanks to the new Omnidesk Stage’s stunning minimalist design. The Stage’s angled design helps you avoid the aches and pains of poor posture, reducing back and neck pain.

With a sleek, minimalist design, this stand can elevate your laptop's screen to eye level, allowing you to work in a more comfortable, ergonomic position. The open structure also promotes 360° air circulation, keeping your device cool and preventing it from overheating. And thanks to the silicone pads on the bottom, your laptop will be safe from scratches and stable in any position.

- Lightweight and durable aluminum construction

- Elevates screen to a better viewing angle

- Forward tilt for improved posture

- Open design for 360 degree air circulation

- Built for 11"-17" laptops


Dimensions: 260x225x142mm (10.2"x8.9"x5.6")
Applicable Devices: Laptop
Fit Screen Size : 11"~17"
Surface Thickness: 5mm (0.2")
Weight Capacity(per layer): 5kg (11lbs)
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