Omnidesk warranty

Limited Omnidesk Warranty

Whilst we only use the highest quality materials in our manufacturing process, we understand things can go wrong, to offer peace of mind we supply all of our adjustable Omnidesks with a base 10-year warranty! For our non adjustable desks we offer a base 3-year warranty.

Omnidesk Embrace Pro Chairs come with a base warranty of 5 years.

*As of 23/03/2023. Please note this Limited Warranty does not exclude any other statutory rights and obligations that may be available to you defined by Australian Consumer Law. Our limited warranty applies only to the original purchase holder who made their purchase through

What does our Warranty cover?

  • Omnidesk’s Warranty will cover all electronic systems used in your Omnidesk such as the lifting mechanism, keypad and control box
  • Omnidesk’s Warranty will cover all missing materials from the product at the time of delivery
  • Omnidesk’s Warranty will cover any defects in the materials used for the product at the time of delivery (e.g powder coating defects, scratches, bends or splitting)
  • All accessories are covered under a 1-year warranty unless specifically stated otherwise

How do I make a Warranty claim?

  • Send an email to our friendly customer support agents at, please include your order number, an image/video of the issue as well as a brief outline of the issue in your email.
  • After analysis if a fault has been found and is determined to not be caused by misuse or wear and tear then the part will be replaced and recollected, all shipping and replacement costs will be borne by Omnidesk while under warranty.
  • You must take efforts to notify us of any issues within the first week of occurrence.
  • The warranty will be warranted for the remainder of the original warranty period or 30 days, whichevers duration is longer.

What is Not Covered?

  • Wear and tear sustained by accident, abuse, misuse, water-damage, natural and environmental conditions and external causes.
  • Damage resulting from the use, misuse or inability to use this product.
  • Damage caused to the Omnidesk parts during self-assembly due to failure to adhere to the self assembly manual instructions provided.
  • Any damage sustained due to self-modifications made to the Omnidesk, this includes third party tabletops and accessories.
  • Unique features to each Wildwood/Eco Bamboo Omnidesk, such as knots and patterns, these features are a result of using naturally produced wood and add character to your one-of-a-kind desk, please note we will still cover defects and noticeable manufacturing damage on our Wildwood and Eco Bamboo tabletops.

*Pictures shown on the website are for illustration purposes only, individual appearance may vary due to multiple factors such as lighting and environmental conditions.
**Omnidesk reserves the right to make an accurate assessment of the issues raised and to determine whether the issue entitles you to a replacement under our warranty


All of our products are sent from our storage facilities in pristine condition and naturally we expect you receive your products that way, as such any damage incurred during the shipping process will be covered by us and a replacement will be provided, if we are unable to provide an exact replacement we will offer an alternative replacement or a refund, this is on a case by case basis.

We must be notified within seven days of receiving delivery of any delivery damage for you to be eligible.

Limited Warranty Definitions

  • Omnidesk reserves the right to make a fair and accurate assessment to determine whether a benefit under this warranty is eligible to be claimed.
  • Any replacement provided under this warranty is limited to the defective item only. (e.g if you claim a tabletop under your warranty this will not void your warranty for your frame.)
  • Any cost of replacement and shipping will be borne by Omnidesk.
  • Some replaced parts may have variation, such as our Wildwood tabletops.
  • The warranty will be void if the product incurs defects as a result of misuse, lack of care and maintenance, commercial use or by self modification.
  • The warranty is only valid for the original purchase holder and warranties are not claimable on second hand desk or accessory purchases.
  • Warranties are not transferable to another party.
  • If an Omnidesk representative is required to be sent out to rectify a warranty issue there may be additional fees at the discretion of Omnidesk for repairs, assembly and collection.
  • The warranty is effective from the date of delivery, any extensions will be applied from the date of the delivery and not the date of the agreement