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What is the difference between the Signature Straight Edge and Ergonomic Curve?
The OMNIDESK Professional Ergo Curve features an ergonomic curved type desk top for extra comfort and a beautiful aesthetic. Those dents in your forearms will be no longer! Other than that, the models are identical mechanism wise.

Where is Omnidesk based? Are you an Australian company?
Omnidesk Australia is based in Melbourne through our office/showroom - when you contact us you are dealing directly with our local team.

Are your desks stable? - Do they wobble at all?
Every available standing desk is going to have some level of movement/wobble regardless of what brand they are. It is more a question of how stable they are/how much do they wobble - our desks are incredibly stable across the entire range we sell and we fully believe in our desks (including their stability!) which is why we have a 100 day free trial in place.

Can you make me a custom tabletop/desk?
At the moment we do not offer any customised desks - we sell a set range with 3 sizes (S, L and XL). Please see our product pages for further information on our available sizes.

Do you offer L shaped desks?
Not at the moment - but make sure to keep up to date with our social media and our website for any further product releases!



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