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Cable Management Bar

The Organised Aesthetic.  Our most popular accessory. The Cable Management Bar is a must have for the convenient management of all your plugs and cables. 

Keep it all Together.  The Cable Management Bar allows you to pass all your monitor and computer cables through the pre-cut grommet hole in your Omnidesk tabletop to prevent them from hanging out under your Omnidesk or coming unplugged.  

Install Anywhere.  The Cable Management Bar can be placed anywhere on the table to make room for clamps and mounts, or on the predrilled pilot holes under the desktop. 


  • 1000L x 100W x 100 H mm +40mm width if including the lip for the screw holes.
  • 3 x rectangle cable pass through holes (100 x 50mm)
  • Colour: Black / White

 This accessory can be installed using a Phillips screwdriver, but an electric drill is recommended. 

**Note - For use in conjunction with the Omnidesk Arc Pro Dual Monitor mount, we recommend installing your Cable Management Bar near the centre of the desk to leave room for clamps to attach at the back of the table top or inside the grommet hole.

For use in conjunction with the Motorised Power Riser and a 48" Small sized desk, we recommend installing the cable bar in an alternative position ie. closer to the centre of the table as it will not fit next to the power riser.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Simply brought everything to the next level

Owned an Omnidesk since 2019 and been so happy about it ever since. This year I decided to upgrade it a little bit by adding the cable management bar. The installation was easy but you definitely need someone to help you flip over the whole desk as it's pretty heavy (and solid of course!). After it's done, the whole thing was brought to the next level immediately. No more annoying cables on the ground or hanging in the air and finally I can have the cleaning robot to vac the floor. Very satisfying looking as well. What I can say is, after 2+ years of ownership of Omnidesk, it made me so happy again!

Solid, good looking desk.

I bought the desk and somehow forgot to add the cable management bar. The whole package works great though.

The only issue I had was with your delivery partner. They tried to deliver it, before you guys had even sent me a notification to say it had been sent. Super quick service but, something isn't right with the timing of notifications etc...

Virginia Ma
Does what it says

Very good sized cable management bar that does what it says it does. The pre drilled holes on the table weren't big enough and were slightly off so I had alot of trouble getting the screws flush with the table while installing the cable management bar.