Hestia Mini Desktop Organiser

The original Hestia was designed to expand the capacity of your workspace without expanding any real estate. However, as BTOs and Condos are getting more economical in their spatial offerings, we have to find new ways to optimise your space. 

The Hestia Mini is a natural extension of our existing Hestia in a more compact package, comfortably sitting on a pair of rubberised feet. 

Featuring our modular bracket system, the Hestia Mini can provide new avenues of organisation and storage without actually expanding real estate.

    Every Hestia Mini comes with the following accessories:
    - Base board (43.7cm x 27cm) x1
    - Table Stand x 2

    - Modular Container x1
    - Modular Shelf x1

    - Modular Knot x2
    - Magnetic Hook x2

    - Magnetic Polaroid Frame x1
    - Magnetic Memo Clips x2

    Available in Onyx

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