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an icon reinvented

In 2018 we pioneered the region's most influential standing desk experience. We started a revolution that disrupted the industry. The Omnidesk Pro became the icon of workspaces and ergonomics. Two years on, we've taken all of your feedback onboard and diligently engineered it into the brand new Omnidesk Pro 2020 . The upgraded 2020 Model is the product of eighteen months of design collaboration with our supply partners and significant investment into research & development. This is the Omnidesk 2020 Pro- the likes of which you have never seen on the market.

Omnidesk Pro  - Fully customizable ultimate standing desk.setup

goodbye wobbles

increased stability

Best in class stability for a 2-feet standing desk. Aesthetics are at the forefront with precision engineered gap reduction between columns helping lower the lateral movement of the desk during usage by 50%!

quicker adjustments

increased movement speed

40% Increase in movement speed. Breaking industry standards, we adjusted our mechanism to support quicker adjustments. Allowing you to get to your ideal position quicker.

Omnidesk Pro  - Fully customizable ultimate standing desk.setup
Omnidesk Pro  - Fully customizable ultimate standing desk.setup

fits dark rooms & no distractions

controller dimming

Dims after 10 seconds of remaining idle. Saves electricity and removes a painful distraction in dark bedrooms. A popular request - We listened!

aesthetics and balance

desk feet redesign

The redesign of the desk feet provides both aesthetics and additional stability by adjusting the centre of gravity of the desk. Creating a better balanced frame and overall stability.

Omnidesk Pro  - Fully customizable ultimate standing desk.setup
Omnidesk Pro  - Fully customizable ultimate standing desk.setup



With relentless R&D, we created an ultra sensitive anti-collision mechanism with a complete rework. Safer for you, your kids and your under-desk items. Sensitivity can be adjusted and suit desks of all sizes.

simplified packaging

improved cable management tray

We had a dedicated tray for 72" version previously. But now, we crafted a new tray that fits all sizes, 1 tray for ALL sizes! Keep desk cables and control box away from prying eyes.

Omnidesk Pro  - Fully customizable ultimate standing desk.setup
Omnidesk Pro  - Fully customizable ultimate standing desk.setup

more instagrammable than ever

improved aesthetics

Subtle yet powerful refinements. A slicker looking foot to fit anywhere possible. Our own customised controller, featuring our new Omnidesk logo as the "Memory" button. Powder coating on desk frames has been reformulated to increase durability. No more unnecessary visible holes on the columns too!

new and improved

10-year extended warranty

Since the beginning we only had standard 7 yr purchased warranty. Now we've increased another 3 years free (total of 10-years warranty) if you verify through social media verification.

Omnidesk Pro  - Fully customizable ultimate standing desk.setup


The Ultimate Standing Desk

FROM A$900

Omnidesk Pro - Custom Standing Desk from $680
  • 3-Section Top Grade Dual Motor (Black/White)
  • 60 - 125 cm (63.7cm With Feet)
  • Speed 43mm/s
  • Recommended Load: 100 KG | Max load 130 kg
  • Tops Option: All and Exclusive Eco Bamboo Tops
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▶ Upgradeable, Extendable Frames

We can fit almost any space, with our 48", 60" and 72" table tops. Omnidesk frames can fit in easily into living rooms, study rooms and office spaces.


(Image Left: White Powder-Coated Table Top. Right: Black Powder-Coated Table Top.)

‣  Eco Bamboo Series

Aesthetically impressive and environmentally friendly. Match parquet and vinyl flooring in homes and offices.
Safe. Bamboo is an organic product, entirely clean and no residues of chemicals. Green choice.
Sustainable. Bamboo is more scratch-resistant than hardwoods, keeping its colour and brightness for many years.

No harsh agents and chemicals are used in the finishing our the Eco Bamboo tops, protecting not only your desk but your indoor air quality.
Choose Omnidesk™ Eco Bamboo table tops and support a sustainable existence that means taking care of your body and the environment as well.

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‣  Signature Powder-Coated Tops

Our signature table tops are made from the highest grade MDF wood and cured with our specially formulated powder coated surface. What separates us from the rest of the pack in terms for furnishing is this micro-textured powder coat surface made for mouse tracking, enabling the desk to function as a giant mouse-pad.

We have also engineered the perfect ergonomic curve for the best standing desk experience. With a perfectly angled curve, standing and leaning with forearms on the edge of the desk no longer causes pinched nerves in the long run.

Best of all, the entire production process is stringently monitored and tested to ensure that the product is eco-friendly.

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‣ Table top designed to last - OmniAnchors Desktop Inserts
OmniAnchors Desktop Inserts are designed and positioned with precision engineering onto our desktops, Bamboo and also our signature powder coated tops to ensure maximum durability. These machined threads allow accurate placement of your table tops to the frame and also allows you to assemble and disassemble your Omnidesk as often as you like. This will allow your table top to last you a lifetime.

‣ Omnidesk™ Signature Extra Large Cable Pass-Through Grommet
Extra Large Cable Pass-Through Grommet is a seamless cable management system found only on Omnidesks. Aesthetically pleasing itself when not in use but allowing multiple cables to pass through easily when required. Not only that, universally size monitor arms can fit the grommet together with cables.

Paired with the Omnidesk™ Cable Management Bar, this completes the full setup required for a neat under-desk cable management system. Look-ma-no-messy-cables that everyone desires of a premium workspace.


Omnidesk has a full range of high quality addons and accessories, forming an entire ecosystem. These accessories are specially designed, manufactured and curated from the best sources, making integration with your Omnidesk as seamless as possible and also aesthetically pleasing.

why people choose us?


Buy Worry-free with an industry leading warranty period. Our desks are made with state of the art manufacturing processes and rigorous testing is done to ensure quality and durability. What's important, with our reputation as the #1 standing desk brand in Australia and Singapore, you can be sure that we will be there for you when you seek warranty help. Of course, you'll also get to experience the award-winning customer experience that we are renowned for.

*Receive a complimentary 3 year warranty on top of the standard 7 years. Top-up for a longer and more comprehensive warranty and cover up to 10 years in total.

Exceptional quality at industry-disruptive prices.


Direct To You. To ensure that you get the full Omnidesk Experience, every Omnidesk item is sold directly to you. Bringing you both cost savings and the unparalleled buying experience. No secrets - we have economies of scale and a highly efficient manufacturing line. But instead of increasing our margins, we bring these savings directly to you.


We often find competition struggling to match our pricing by having a similar, but mediocre product (single motors and plywood laminates) or having “hidden costs” by removing key items which are already included in our Omnidesk  pricing like table-tops, memory controllers etc. We are that confident, that feature by feature, quality by quality, we would be the best valued standing desk in the market. Ironically, even after the upgrades, we are still the best priced custom standing desk you can get.


we believe what you think and say matters most 


Award winning customer service. Just ask anybody.
We delight our customers, that's why they love us. Communicating with authenticity and transparency.

Not only that, they have also thought through every detail, allowing you to have all the answers before you purchase with confidence.

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