Wildwood Collection


A tough nut to crack

Available in 153cm & 183cm

Wildwood Collection

Richbrown Hevea

Strength Unrivalled

Available in 122cm, 152cm, 183cm

A tough nut to crack

Born in the beautifully harsh climate of the Appalachian mountains in the Northeast of North America, Walnut trees stood tall and indomitable against everything mother nature could muster - from sub-zero climates to strong winds. The timber planks that came from these Walnut trees are carefully pressure and kiln treated to preserve it’s natural beauty and strength. Our Walnut tabletop isn’t simply beautiful, it can take everything life can throw at it.

The beauty of nature

Every Walnut tabletop is unique by virtue of its naturally occurring patterns which are painstakingly preserved by our team of artisans at every step. It is not hyperbolic to say each and every single one of our Walnut tabletop is truly one-of-a-kind. This tabletop will not simply complement your workspace, it might even become its centrepiece.

Centrepiece worthy

With it’s beautiful rich white sapwood perfectly complemented by its light brown heartwood and subtle mocha brown cast. Each plank of walnut runs the entire length of the desk, allowing it’s natural beauty to be on full display. Our Walnut tabletops simply ooze style without compromising substance.