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I love my desk

If I ever won a Grammy, first I’ll thank my mom. And then my omnidesk

Awesome desk

Worth every penny. Now I've got a better standing desk at home than the ones in the office.


I got the XXL Black version, it is very spacious and the powder-coated finish feels very satistfying.

One of the best standing desk i have used.

One of the best standing desk i have used so far. Premium feel, value for money, works perfectly. Must have for work from home users.

Very good quality product

Good design and quality product, very good customer service!!!


Absolutely love the desk. I would recommend waiting for a sale so you can get the accessories as well as they work so well with the desk. It was a very easy build as well. Only thing missing is even more accessories that can be offered. but it seems like that is also been building up.

10/10 Would flex over my friends again

Desk evolution at its finest

Great desk

Great desk, sturdy construction. Moves up and down quickly. A great addition to our office.

Atlas - Anti Fatigue Mat
Amariah Berechiah
Great comfortable mat for my home hairdressing salon

I received this item quickly. It is comfortable and is of good quality. I am very happy with my purchase.

ARC Pro Dual
Lyle m.
Great product, tough but not perfect

First impressions when the box arrived was "wow this is heavy". It's big, it's heavy but it's tough. Holds my two 4k 27in perfectly 👌. I also have a hollow IKEA desk top so I have put a nice bit of wood under the bottom mount to spread the load a bit. There is play in the monitor mounts that cause a monitor to tilt left or right depending on how well they are balanced omnidesk weren't aware of this. I think with a small shim or jamming a bit of paper in there might fix it, not solution from omnidesk was give when I reported it. USB pass through cables are big and bulky I didn't think they needed to be this big. But it looks like you can remove the cables with a few screws if you don't use them. One of the USB sockets on mine is wonky. Be prepared if you have a narrow desk you will need to space your monitors or have them protruding into your desk as you won't be able to flush mount them against a wall. My setup with the monitors together the arms stick out and there would be no way I can have this desk against a wall. Wish there was away to lock it all in place,. If you knock the desk sometimes they can move. Overall I'm happy so far the spring loaded mounts have sprung in the air yet so I must of done my balancing right. Deff not a 5 star product as some little things make this feel cheap

Fantastic desk!

I've had the XL version for the past 5 months. Best thing I ever bought, it's great to be able to stand and sit with such a spacious desk. I previously used a cheap one which wobbled a lot. You really do get what you pay for plus it's aesthetically pleasing with the bamboo top. Win win!

Switch Pro
Anne-Maree Risley
Working smarter

I just luv this sit/stand desk. I no longer have a sedentary desk job and feel so much better at the end of a long day. Its a great size and fits my office perfectly.

The adjustment is smooth and its sturdy. It the best addition to my office for a while. Very happy :)

Fabulous desk!

I've had the desk for 2 weeks and I love it. Spacious, well designed, easy to assemble, and so functional.

ARC Pro Dual
Joshua Merriel

Legit can't sing highly enough about this. Mounted two 32 inch monitors to it and it handles them perfectly.


i wanted to upgrade my previous desk but i didn't know what to get than i found this site best thing ever but i wish they would give you a preview of what it looks like with all the extra attachments other wise best desk ever

Good value

I've had this for a few weeks. The finish looks nice, better than most other similar desks. Standard stand-up desk functions. The LED lights area good improvement. Some of the accessories are severely overpriced, but you can always choose not to get them. It tilts forward a bit when I lean on it, but just a bit.

Great build, comfortable and has transformed my work environment

I've had the Omnidesk Pro 2020 desk for about 6 months and am extremely happy with it. I wish I purchased it sooner. It has transformed my work environment, making it so much more comfortable and efficient. I suffer with back pain, so need to stand throughout the day. The Omnidesk was an upgrade for me from a competitors model that sits on top of a normal desk. The Omnidesk is far superior. Having the full work surface rise and drop is so much better. The 4 programmable keys are great. The smooth transition when going up or down means I no longer spill my coffee :-). I highly recommend it to anyone that works all day at a desk.

ARC Pro Dual
Andre G
Really great

Super sturdy, great angles, fairly straightforward assembly. I have zero concerns the arms will break under weight.

The only reason I dont give 5 stars is the usb passthroughs are incredibly bulky and cant be unplugged; im jot using them and still have to cable manage them.

Great desk, great value

Solid construction, great range of depth.

Great desk

Highly recommend

Switch Pro
Philip Connell
Transforms my small desk to a large flexible workspace

The Omnidesk Switch Pro was the perfect solution to my small home office space. I have a shallow table for a desk, and the Switch Pro fit easily and was not too heavy. The motorised height adjustment is smooth and quiet. And the price point is so reasonable. I couldn't be happier, this product works great for me!

Simply brought everything to the next level

Owned an Omnidesk since 2019 and been so happy about it ever since. This year I decided to upgrade it a little bit by adding the cable management bar. The installation was easy but you definitely need someone to help you flip over the whole desk as it's pretty heavy (and solid of course!). After it's done, the whole thing was brought to the next level immediately. No more annoying cables on the ground or hanging in the air and finally I can have the cleaning robot to vac the floor. Very satisfying looking as well. What I can say is, after 2+ years of ownership of Omnidesk, it made me so happy again!

Amazing work desk

My partner and I ordered this desk for each of us, I got mine few weeks ago whereas he is waiting for his one. I must say, I love this desk. As I spend long hours infront of computer, I thought of getting a sit-stand desk and it has really helped me a lot. I stand and work for most of the hours and switch when I feel tired. It has got options to set up heights as you prefer and I have added 2 favorites for myself, one for sitting and the other for standing. So I don't have to adjust the heights each time. The one I got is of black top and gives a very stylish look!

Sturdy desk

I bought the desk as I work long hours on desk and wanted something I can use as stand desk as well when I need break from sitting. I must say the desk is sturdy, I use two screens, have file folders, pen holders and other accessories on my desk, none of them move when I switch to stand mode. I bought the black one, the top is heavy, very sturdy legs makes it a very stable desk. I highly recommend if you are looking for good sit and stand desk. I did my research, tested lot of other sit and stand desk before finalising Omnidesk, couldn't be more happier. The main problem I noticed in other desk was jerky movement, the desk becoming unstable after certain height.

Does what it says on the box

This hanger was surprisingly well built. you can fold it up when not in use and its clamp provides ample space for really thick desks as well which was fantastic to see. The soft rubber rest on top and soft closing was also surprising and overall I would recommend this for use as a headphone hanger. Great product.