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These are superb desks. Buying over the internet you don't ever really know. This is sturdy, well constructed. Goes lower than many competitors. Black surface can scratch a bit so watch for rough items or sand under your boxes that you push around. But effectively all good.

Worth the wait

Takes a few weeks for my pre-ordered desk to arrived but all is well, great customer service. The desk is stable while standing, build instructions can be better but i can follow the videos from youtube no problem

Great desk for wfh set-up

Hi, i ordered the Omnidesk 48" curved desk, the delivery was efficient and wasnt too hard to assemble it.
I find the desk to be of high quality and the height adjustment doesnt impact the stability which is expected but not always the case
Omnidesk is a good Aussie owned option i recommend.

Desk is amazing, delivery took longer than expected

I’m in love with my omnidesk! It’s so fast and easy to move from standing to sitting, and setting automatic heights is so handy!

The cable management tray is a must - my office looks so tidy under the desk now!

Would have given it 5 stars, except delivery took a bit longer than estimated (though not really surprising in the middle of a pandemic). This wouldn’t have concerned me too much, but by the time my desk arrived it was on sale at a cheaper price on the website. Felt a little disappointed that I pre-ordered, waited a long time, and then paid more for the experience! 😅

Still happy overall!

sturdy and easy to set up

It came in a flat pack with instructions on how to build it in a quick and easy way. There was also videos on their website to show the same thing which was a nice add. pretty happy with it after a having it for nearly a year. Wouldve probably bought the corner desk next time if I knew how much I would be putting on my desk. Only downside was the position of the cable trays underneath if you put a heavy duty monitor mount which was I had to drill new holes because the pre drilled holes were too close to make both fit.

Sturdy Desk after 12 months use has minor flaws

Have had this desk for 12 months now and wanted to give some feedback on some long term use.
Functionally the desk has been amazing, motors are still working great, desk has remained solid and overall I am very happy.

Where this loses some points is the bamboo tabletop has shown some signs of splitting in the center of all places. It does not seem structural, its just where the pieces join together there is minor separation between the pieces.

This has not stopped me from recommending this desk to many others and those who have gone and purchased one themselves have been equally happy.

Custom Item
Best desk I've ever had?

Truly exceptional product quality and customer service! Love my omnidesk to bits and upgrading to the electronic standing desk legs has been more than worth it.

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Heng Chong
Good quality built product

Good quality built product

Excellent desk

Easy to setup and use. Very pleased with our purchase.

Great Desk, Works Well, lose 1 star for some accessorie issue


I have the desk all up and running now and am enjoying it immensely.

Using the documents and online videos, i put the desk together fine. And it work just as they said it would, going up and down at a nice pace and silent

I would give the desk 5/5 but i had an issue with the accessories.

So i got the desk with the cable management attachment that runs under the desk near the back, and that attaches fine, But i also have the Dual Arm. and you cant use both at the same time.

Since hte dual monitor arm needs to be clamped to the desk, it cant fit anywhere when the cable management is put on as instructed.

I can cut the cable management to fit it, but i think this should not be required.

Luckily the cable management part did not cost me anything.

overall a good desk.

Good no-research-buy option for reasonable budget

Have the desk for a few weeks now. It works like a charm, have yet to find major things to complain about.

The only things that prevent a 5-star rating is:
1. A maximum height above the current one would be nice.
2. I bought the cable management bar extension. While very useful it also appears very overpriced for some screws and a bent metal bar with holes.

Overall very happy with the product!

Jonathan Evans
excellent support

The replacement power adapter came swiftly and support were excellent in helping me.

Game changer

I have back problems and usually need to stand and move around after a couple of hours and this desk has solved my problems from constantly sitting down. Quality is great, ordering was a breeze and delivery service was fast! Highly recommend using this if you are in the market for a standing desk and definitely add the cable tray

Robust and easy to assemble desk

Great desk. Affordable, high quality and easy to assemble.
The memory for the different height positions works super well.

Great value

Nice take and great value! Really enjoyed in using it.

Great, reliable desk

Got this at the start of COVID.

Have not had any issues.

Great desk

Great Desk

Started using this for the last couple of days. Solid and Good looking Desk.

Nice with height adjustments and Great standing posture.

Great desk

Absolutely great desk & absolutely great Omnidesk support team!

Best standing desk

Amazing look and great build. Would recommend to everyone.

Fantastic sit to stand desk

I ordered the dark Acacia solid wood top desk, and it is absolutely stunning! Pretty easy to put together by myself, just follow the video instructions as they are more clear than the printed ones. The height adjustment is smooth and easy to use and the desk looks great!

Easy to install and works well

Solid desk, easy setup and looks good. Value for money and no complaints

Amazing Desk

Design is great and very functional

Great aftercare service, fiddly build, sturdy desk

Overall had an okay experience. Would rate it 3.5 or 4 out of 5.

The grommets/screw threads are a bit fiddly. They don't fit very nicely (especially for the wood screws). I had a problem with my first desk for the cable management bar but they gave me a new one completely as a replacement. That was a very nice touch. The second one had a further problem on the middle screw thread. In the end, i managed to get it sorted so it was ok.

I really like this purchase and despite the problems, I'm pretty happy with ot and the aftercare. Look forward to getting a larger one in due time

Great Desk

The desk took much longer than expected to arrive and unfortunately there were extended delays. However, there are no faults with the desk. Assembly took some time but other than that, been loving the option to work sitting and standing up :)


I have now purchased 4 omnidesks one for me to replace my Bunnings tressle table, one for my wife, and two sons. They are fabulous desks. They are sturdy and are of excellent quality. They don't have that el cheapo feel to them. The various colours look good too. I bought mine in black as I think it goes with lots of decor but you can get different colours. Excellent product. Not cheap but worth the money.