Lumence Monitor Light Bar

From our Netflix binges to the endless emails of our work lives, we spend nearly half our day in front of screens. Staring at pixels all day can cause eye irritation which can hurt your productivity in addition to simply hurting your eyes. Getting enough rest might not be enough, the key to relieving eye strain is actually comfortable lighting.

Introducing the Omnidesk Lumence, the quintessential lighting solution that helps you create the workspace lighting that perfectly works for you. Simply clamp onto any edged surface and freely place your Lumence wherever you desire - from the top of your monitor to your favourite cabinet.

With 4 different color temperatures and 5 different brightness levels, the Lumence Light Bar has the perfect color temperature and brightness for every occasion. Taking down some notes on your notebook? Switch the color temperature to Cool White and jot things down in absolute clarity. Winding down the day with some light reading? Warm up the color temperature and slowly drift away.

✅ Clampable on any edged surface
✅ Wide range of motion
✅ 4 Color Temperatures (Cool White, Daylight, Dawn, Sunrise)
✅ 5 Different Brightness Levels


  • 455mm (Length) x 45mm (Width) 
  • 5V/1A Input Port
  • Adjustable use angle is ±30°
  • Product is mostly suitable with all monitors with a thickness of 1 - 3cm.
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