Advanced Cable Management Bar

The all-new Advanced Cable Management Bar is an extendable bar recommended for both our L and XL desks. Designed wider and deeper with extra pass-through holes to manage both loose cables and adaptors with ease.

Install Anywhere.  The Cable Management Bar can be placed anywhere on the table to make room for clamps and mounts, or on the predrilled pilot holes under the desktop. 


  • 1000mm- 1600mm(Length) - Depending on Tabletop
  • 100mm (Depth) x 95mm (Height)

Product Contains:
1 x Advanced Cable Management Bar (Black/White)

**Note - For use in conjunction with the Omnidesk Arc Pro Dual Monitor mount, we recommend installing your Cable Management Bar near the centre of the desk to leave room for clamps to attach at the back of the table top or inside the grommet hole.

For use in conjunction with the Motorised Power Riser and a 48" Small sized desk, we recommend installing the cable bar in an alternative position ie. closer to the centre of the table as it will not fit next to the power riser.