Posted 1/7/2021

The Perfect Home Office.

In the past year, our society had an on-off relationship with working from home, with lots of WFH and lockdowns. However, one thing remained constant throughout this tumultuous period… The humble home office, and the piece of furniture that anchors it all: the work desk. 

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The Space.

Most home offices require space but with newer BTOs and Condos getting more and more economical in their offerings, living space has been shrinking. While WFH might be great for those who have dedicated study rooms, it is still a luxury. Many are forced to find new ways to reimagine their existing space. It is this exact reason that Omnidesk offers a myriad of desk sizes and even form factors to maximise every inch of space - optimising your productivity and real estate. 

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What's in a desk?

The humble desk is the unsung hero of the workspace. While you’re spending quality screen time, your desk is quite literally doing all the heavy lifting - from supporting the weight of your ambitions to the tools of your trade. Yet, it’s an often-overlooked cog in the workspace machine.

It’s time to ask ourselves, how much thought did you put into ergonomics when designing your workspace? Have you noticed your back and neck aching after long sessions at your desk - even after getting that expensive ergonomic chair? Have you ever wondered how much your desk is holding you back?

With WFH reinventing the concept of the modern workplace, it’s home office makeover season—and it could just be the perfect time to transform that basic bit of wood with four legs into a fully modular, customisable and adaptable desk experience.

We’ve created the only desk you’ll ever need, and made it accessible to everyone.

Configure Your Wildwood Workspace

Best of the best.

Take the Omnidesk Pro 2020. It’s our flagship for a reason, with its premium selection of tabletops and unparalleled stability, it changed the desk game for CEOs, professionals, creatives and gamers alike.

Seamless sit-stand functionality provides the best of both worlds, allowing users to optimise productivity and reduce the stress and health impact caused by being sedentary for extended periods.

In this upgraded 2020 version, we took all the feedback, insights and analytics we’d gained over the previous few years and made a new and improved Omnidesk Pro, designed to be the ultimate desk on the market. For example:

Completely Customisable.

The best part of it all? An Omnidesk is completely customisable. You can change the size, materials and accessories of your Omnidesk to create your dream workspace. Maybe you'd prefer an ergonomic curve so your arms can sit comfortably when standing or leaning? Or maybe you prefer the tried and tested formula of the straight edge.

We also offer an entire suite of different tabletops for all your aesthetics needs - ranging from live edge slabs to the tried and true MDF wood tops.

The Omnidesk signature tabletops are made from high-quality MDF wood and cured with a proprietary micro-textured powder-coated surface, specially designed for mouse-tracking.

If you prefer a more naturalistic look, our Eco Bamboo series is an organic and sustainable option, the pleasant natural texture of bamboo naturally scratch-resistant. For those looking for a classier look, the Wildwood collection of curated solid wood tops can add a touch of refined class to any workspace.

What's your dream setup?

Everyone has their own definition of perfection because we believe the future is bespoke. As the quintessential modern workspace, we’ve created more than a desk—it’s an entire ecosystem that adapts and evolves as your needs do.

Moved to a new space and have room for a larger tabletop? Got another monitor and need it dual-mounted? Installing a brand new sound system? Maybe you need to add wheels for ease of movement, or an anti-fatigue mat to keep you comfortable on your feet all day? From cable management and desk organisation to mouse mats and custom lighting, we want to reimagine your workspace and change the dynamics of work itself.

The future and beyond.

We want you to use an Omnidesk for the foreseeable future and as such we are here to make sure that your Omnidesk is kept in tip top shape. Your Omnidesk is covered by a up to 10-year warranty which covers functionality and manufacturing defects. 

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