Hestia Desktop Organiser

Organisation requires space but for many space is a premium. Attachable on any edged surface, the Hestia Desktop Organiser is a natural extension of our desk organiser. Featuring our modular bracket system, the Hestia can provide new avenues of organisation and storage without actually expanding real estate. 

  • Modular Bracket System
  • Expandable storage
  • Attachable on any edged surface

Secure the Hestia with the clamp provided and build your own bespoke workspace by simply attaching each individual module.

Every Hestia comes with the following accessories:
- Base board (74cm x 37cm) x1
- Modular Shelf with Decorative Test Tube x1
- Table Clamps x2
- Modular Container x1
- Modular Knot x2
- Magnetic Polaroid Frame x2
- Magnetic Clips x2

Available in both Onyx and Ivory.