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Power Clamp

AU Specific ports addon to your Omnidesk to allow easy access to charge your gadgets, change up your monitors and power up your laptops. 
Clamp mount feature allows flexible yet secure positioning on any edge of your desk. 

3 AU power outlet +1USB type A charging port +1 usb type-c charging port +1 hdmi +1 usb data 3.0+1 network +1 telephone
  • 3 x AU Power Outlet
  • 1 x USB Type A Charging Port 5V  3A  15W
  • 1 x USB Type C Charging Port 5V  3A  15W
  • 1 x HDMI Passthrough
  • 1 x USB 3.0 Passthrough
  • 1 x Network Port
  • 1 x Telephone Port

Dimensions: 24cm x 7.5cm x 8cm

**Note: Tablets and Google Pixel phones are not compatible with this accessory. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

I just got this installed and tested. Its great for being able to test devices on your desk using the HDMI pass through, network and power ports. No more losing cables down the back of the desk. The only downside I have is the clamp wasn't thick enough for my desk and so I had to mount it using double sided tape until I get a chance to modify the clamp itself. The pre-sales support was great and let me know that the clamp would be an issue anyway and also this isn't an issue if you use a desktop from omnidesk but they don't have any that are deep enough for my requirements.

Overall I would highly recommend this if you want on desk power and test different setups and don't want to be swapping out monitors cables etc as this provides a ready to go solution.

Future improvements I'd like to see to this is maybe a displayport 2.0 port and the option to have the telephone port also be a standard network port.

Jake Porter
Great quality

The desk was great quality and quite simple to put together.
Really happy with my purchase.

James Richards
Charges Pixel 6, and other devices

One reason I chose Omnidesk specifically was because of the Powerclamp. I use the HDMI input a lot with older laptops, so I don't need to dig around behind my monitor any more. Same for the network cable, which I used when doing backups to the network.

I bought a Pixel 6 phone, and if you use the included Google cable, it charges the phone. It's only 15W (Google charger is 30W), so it's not a super fast charge, but does the job in about 2 hours for my new phone. Older USB C cables won't work.

Virginia Ma
Easy to install and useful

No fuss installation and has been quite useful. Only issue is the cables aren't removable for parts I am not using i.e. Hdmi and network port.
Otherwise great with my desk, there was a white version to match the table.

Jotham Barazani
Great Addition

Easy to put on, discrete on the desk and work great.

Took one star away because the cables coming out of it are quite bulky and it doesn't appear I can remove the cables for the ports that I'm not currently using, but that's the only thing the bothers me.