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Posted 23/8/2021

The Dream Accessories

For a sizable slice of the population, the transition from office to home office and the flexibility it provides has been met with open arms. With a dedicated home office space becoming a mainstay in many Singaporean homes.

As a major part of your home, it should reflect your needs, style, and personality. Given the amount of time you are likely to spend in the space, whatever your profession — how can you create a home office that is truly you?

With the Omnidesk ecosystem, it’s possible. It’s a desk, but it’s so much more. We’ve created an entire ecosystem with you at its very Core, designed for productivity, ergonomics, and helping you find your flow state.

Your Workspace

As a deeply personal space, no two workspaces are alike. That’s why our modular desk ecosystem can be swapped, upgraded, refined and adapted, depending on what you’re looking for - allowing you to curate a workspace that is uniquely yours.

This is how Omnidesk has become a dependable and trusted foundation for entrepreneurs, corporate professionals, pro gamers and creatives alike. Products like our flagship Omnidesk Pro 2020 are transforming the way workspaces come together. 

If you can dream it, do it

First, let’s talk about ergonomics - a word that has been thrown about and referenced ever since humanity invented offices. As with all things, every single detail matters.

Providing sit-stand functionality is the bread and butter of Omnidesk, and it’s a great start to optimising your comfort and workspace ergonomics. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

With monitor risers like the Lift, Lift Classic, Arka, Monitor Arms and laptop stands, you can ensure your screen(s) are at the perfect height, ensuring your neck is always at a relaxed neutral position while your eyes are perfectly aligned to the screen.

The Spark desk lamp is a beautifully clean addition to any setup, not only adding ambience but also easing eye strain with its various lighting options such as blue light filters and neutral white LEDs.

Whether you’re sitting or standing, your feet are going to spend most of their time planted on the floor. The Atlas & Atlas Mini anti-fatigue mat is precision-engineered to provide maximum support, using specialised gel exactly like you’d find in expensive running shoes. 

If organisation is the name of the game (and it should be), there is no shortage of ways to keep your work space neat and tidy. The Hera and Hestia desktop organisers do just that, keeping things clean while also ensuring everything is within easy reach exactly when you need it.

Cable management is the big one, and can be the bane of battlestations the world over. Features like a built-in cable management tray make it easy to keep unsightly cords tucked away, but there are plenty of additional options — like the our cable management bar, one of our most popular accessories, and the Keep desk drawer.

The Omnidesk Pro is coated and cured with a proprietary micro-textured layer specifically designed to improve mouse tracking. However, if you desire a softer mouse tracking experience, our proprietary mousepads are available to suit your requirements; from the mini RGB Nexus to the handmade premium leather Titus.

Need a desk that moves with you? Maybe you’re in an adaptable space, or just simply indecisive. Castor wheels can be easily attached to your Omnidesk to create the work space that moves with you.

You can add a headphone hanger, beverage holder, even illuminate your area with the Cololight Pro or Cololight Strip controllable coloured LEDs. Meanwhile, if the clean, minimalist look is what sparks joy for you, simply keep your modern and stylish Omnidesk stock, and take advantage of all the premium built-in functionality.

The sky's the limit with Omnidesk accessories. All you need to do is work out what your dream setup would be.

The future and beyond.

We want you to use an Omnidesk for the foreseeable future and as such we are here to make sure that your Omnidesk is kept in tip top shape. Your Omnidesk is covered by a 7-year warranty which covers functionality and manufacturing defects. 

perfect your Workspace with the omnidesk ecosystem

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