Anchor - Hybrid Beverage & Headphone Holder

Anchor your headphones and beverage in an all-in-one package with the Omnidesk Anchor.

Introducing the Omnidesk Anchor - Hybrid Beverage & Headphone Holder. Precision machined from industrial grade aluminum with rubberised accents for strength and stability while the clamp is cushioned with a non-slip silicone pad to protect your desk from scuffs. The inclusion of high walls also works to better secure your beverage and prevent those pesky spills. The Anchor can be used to hold anything from your headphones to your backpack - with a maximum load of 5kg.

Reduce desk clutter and anchor your space today!


✅ Clampable on any edged surface
✅ Aluminum Construction
✅ Non-Slip silicone pads to prevent scuffs
✅ Non-Slip Rubber Pads

  • Bearing Weight:5kg
  • Height: 9cm
  • Clamping Thickness:4mm~51mm
  • Diameter:80mm 
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