Arka Desk Riser

Specially made to redesign your workspace, the Omnidesk Arka is a classic, simple desk riser that improves your workspace ergonomics. 

Available in four different solid-wood variations to perfectly match your set up, the Omnidesk Arka lifts your monitor to the perfect ergonomic height.

Elevate your productivity and harmonise your workspace

  • Made of solid wood - Far sturdier and longer lasting than particle board, matches your solid-wood Omnidesk perfectly
  • Position your monitor ergonomically - Raising your monitor to eye-level helps prevents neck and eye strain
  • Organise your desk with ease - Neatly store daily essentials for a clutter-free desk
  • Holds up to 30kg - Supports heavy, ultra-wide monitors


  • 1200mm (Length) x 230mm (Depth) x 105mm (Height)
  • Compartment (Long) : 690mm | Compartment (Short): 330mm 
Acacia Light
Acacia Dark
Natural Hevea
Bamboo Light
Pheasantwood Dark