Wildwood Acacia Drawer

A reimagination of your space doesn’t simply consist of your work desk. Whether it’s a pair of keys, or your favourite pen, it’s always the little things in life that matter.

Introducing the Omnidesk Acacia Keep – Desk Drawer.

Made from premium Acacia wood, this handy addition to your set up possesses all the durability and aesthetics of our Wildwood table top but in a completely reimagined form factor. It is the quintessential desktop add-on that resides underneath your desk.

Capable of organisation without expansion, this deceptively simple addition tackles desk clutter head-on by providing an alternative avenue of storage.

Calm the chaos of clutter and restore aesthetic clarity with the Omnidesk Acacia Keep.

Made exclusively for our Wildwood Acacia Light & Dark (Large & Extra Large only) table tops. Refer to notes below for incompatible table tops*


  • Material: Acacia Solid wood
  • Finishing: Acacia Light or Acacia Dark
  • External Dimensions: W 40cm x D 31cm x H 5cm
  • Drawer Compartment: W 29cm x D 23cm x H 3.3cm


*Wildwood Acacia Drawer is not compatible with any small tabletops and Ergo Curve tabletops
**Electric drill is recommended for installation

Acacia Dark