Lift Classic

The Omnidesk Lift Classic is an adjustable tempered glass riser, designed to help you adopt healthier ergonomic work positions by raising your monitor or laptop to an optimum eye level

The Lift Classic exudes contemporary vibes with smooth edges all around and supported by 4 adjustable stainless steel feet.

What differentiated the Lift Classic is the quality of the tempered glass. Double the thickness of regular risers, the Lift Classic at 10mm thick is able to hold up to 30kg worth of load. That's 2 iMacs worth of weight!


  • Contemporary Tempered Glass - Comes in low-profile black which fits nicely with any table tops. Blends flawlessly with Omnidesks. 
  • Height Adjustable - Stainless steel feet allows a minute range of adjustment from 80mm to 95mm. Allowing you to get the ideal height.
  • 10mm thick glass, slid load capacity - 30kg max load, accommodates 2 monitors and possibly more.
  • Space Optimization - Organize your workspace and increase usage space by storing things under the riser. Being tempered glass, you can see what's there easily.


  • Surface Size: 700x240mm 
  • Height: 80mm or 95mm
  • Work Surface Weight Capacity: 30kg
  • Glass Thickness: 10mm
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